Through the Storymakers series we have learned so much about creation. We see how creative our God in his formation of light and darkness, the seas and the sky, land, animals and humans. We discovered that human beings are made in the image of God, though sometimes we get tricked into believing that we are not. God’s creativity and innovation in put in each and every one of his children.

In the final week of C3 KIDS, we will be doing storymaking of their own through a show which they will be performing for their grown-ups and teachers at the end of each service. The children are going to go through the story of creation story that they have been learning about all summer. The children across all locations decorated their own backdrops and will be creating their own puppets to perform as well.

At the end of the show, the children will be taking their storymaker zines home. You will be able to take a look at all of the thought that the kids have put into the writings, drawings and crafts each week. There are also shadow puppets at the back that your child can utilize to share what they’ve learned with you at home.


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Now that we have ended the story makers series we can continue to build on what we’ve been learning through reviewing the stories that we have been discussing in our zines. Encourage your kids to continue to be story tellers through allowing them to re-tell what they’ve learned in inventive ways.

Here are a couple of fun activities to encourage your little storymakers to continue in their innovation.

  • Create Shadow Puppets. You will need craft sticks, glue/ tape, scissors and a flashlight. Cut out the puppets at the back of your child’s zine. You can tape or glue each puppet to a craft stick. Take your puppets into a dark room with a flashlight and let them begin to share the creation story.

  • Create a Song. You can let your children make up their own song about the creation story. If they are able to read and write, have them write and sing their lyrics. For the younger children you can write the lyrics as they say them to you. You can sing along to what they have written.

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