Pastor Amy here! I cannot tell you how thrilled we’ve been to partner with Storymakers NYC, a local NYC content creator for kids programs and play. This summer we are journeyng through the story of Genesis, and in this blog, you’ll find an inside look at what your kids are learning each Sunday and ways to bring that into the rest of your week!

The Kingdom, and all of God's Word, begins as a seed. So the foundation stories of "in the beginning" are the seeds of the entire Biblical narrative—a thousand themes that will unfurl throughout the story of humanity are all found reflected in these three short chapters. Beauty, creativity, the Trinity, purpose, temptation, loss, rebellion, exile, grace, a coming King and hope, it's all there. So we are taking our time as we move through each of the days and themes of creation, because God took His time. He made space for each day. A God who can create with just His Word, a God not bound by time, a God who did not need to be plugged in each night like an iphone, this God still took time each day to create and call it "good." So will we!

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