moms, we have an incredible weekend planned for our c3 kids while you’re enjoying daughters conference!

Our 6-month to 3-year-olds will be enjoying story time, acoustic worship and fun hands-on activities.

Full bootcamp is provided for kids 4-11 years with troop activities, team-building challenges, powerful worship and messages on Fighting the Good Fight. We have special guest coaches coming in to lead our “bootcamp” workouts—and don’t miss out on our bonfire night and glow-in-the-dark parties!

Please dress kids in comfortable, active clothing for C3 Kids Bootcamp! Kids are invited to wear or bring pajamas for the Friday night session, where we will also have pizza dinner provided.



  • What is the price for registering my child? C3 Kids Bootcamp is completely free of charge!

  • Is C3 Kids Bootcamp only for girls? No, both boys and girls!

  • What about food? What will my child be eating?

    • Every session will have an array of snacks with options for kids who are dairy-, soy- or gluten-free!

    • Our themed parties have a few special treats with marshmallows and gummy worms. At drop-off for each session, you will find a list of these specialty snacks and can notify the team with any specific preferences or notes on food for your child.

    • Friday night, we will have pizza for dinner. If your child has allergies, please plan for an alternative meal and note in your registration form.

    • Since the mainstage Daughters lunch break runs later than most kid's appetites, we have a break for lunch and snacks in our kids schedule on Saturday at 11:15am. You're welcome to pack a lunch for your kid!

    • If you pack food, please make sure that it contains no nuts.

  • What is the schedule? Can my kids stay the whole conference?

    • Absolutely! You can register for any or all of the three sessions—Friday night, Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon.

    • Kids will need to be picked up during the mainstage Daughters lunch break at 1pm and can be dropped back off beginning at 1:50pm.

  • What ages can come to C3 Kids Bootcamp? 6-months to 11-years! We will have our two ages groups in separate rooms: 6-month to 3 -year-olds and 4-11 years.

  • What should my kids wear? Kids should wear comfortable, active clothing that they can do jumping jacks, burpees and other fun activities in!