My five-year-old's favorite game right now is "Hide and Go Seek." The one-year-old and I count to twenty (well the one-year-old just mimics the tone of my voice as I count), and the five-year-old runs off giggling as he tries to find a new hiding spot in our small 2-bedroom apartment. I spend a long time pretending I can’t find him while he makes very obvious "clue" sounds. Then inevitably I "find" him, and we all laugh — a lot. We then run back to the couch, and he calls out "Right, this time I’m counting mom!"

Being found is exhilarating when you’re five years old and in the safety of your little apartment. 

Have you ever been lost? I can’t say I was the type of child to ever get lost; I was far too aware and cautious to ever get lost. Although, I do remember once being in a pasta shop with my mom, as we waited for our sheet of pasta to go through the machine — and miraculously become fettuccine — I must have gotten distracted and then lost my mom in the busy shop. My heart started to pound inside my chest as I became aware that I was no longer accompanied by a grown up. I turned, and much to the relief of my little three-year-old heart, I looked straight ahead and saw what I thought was my moms faded Levi 501s. Without a second thought, I ran to those jeans and buried my face in the soft worn denim, my little arms wrapped around one mom thigh. A moment later I looked up and instead of seeing my mom’s dark shiny brown hair and olive skin, I saw a strange blonde perm! I had not found my grown up, I had found another mom clad in the classic Levi 501 uniform of the mid 1980s. 

Later in life, I found myself a little lost, well, maybe a lot lost — and I discovered what it meant to find Christ. It’s not that He was ever lost, but rather that had lost sight of Him.

 In Jeremiah 23:23-24, it says, "'Am I a God who is near,' declares the Lord, 'And not a God far off? Can a man hide himself in hiding places so I do not see him?' declares the Lord. 'Do I not fill the heavens and the earth?' declares the Lord."

Our God never loses sight of us. He always desires us to draw close to Him. He watches us always and loves us always. Our God is love (1 John 4:8), and He is always near, ready and waiting for us to turn toward Him. We might feel lost, but He always knows exactly where we are, listening for our voice, our giggle, our cry. 

Being lost and then found was more about my position than His. His position never changed; I was never lost to Him. He always knew where I was, and He always watched over me. Being "found" to me is all about me "finding" Christ. I searched for Him in a broken place, and there I found Him, bent low, His hands outstretched, a smile on His face and hope and adventure in His eyes. 

This is His stance toward humanity, His sons and daughters, our brothers and sisters. Let’s be women who see Him and find Him and emulate His stance toward humanity — bringing love, acceptance, truth and freedom into the lives around us, drawing others to find their heavenly home in Christ.

xx Georgie

C3 Brooklyn