Have you ever had a close friend, leader, spouse or parent tell you the truth about yourself? It's nice when that 'truth' is an encouragement and makes you feel great! But it's not so nice when that truth is painful to hear! Sometimes the truth hurts, but the truth told in love is not the kind of 'hurt' that comes from abuse or accusation, it's more like the pain of undergoing surgery. 

My friend Crystal recently had surgery on her knee due to a dance move gone wrong (I love that she laughs when she tells the story), and boy was she in pain post-surgery. The surgeon performed some serious reconstruction and she is now in recovery - she's navigating the 5 flights of stairs in the school she teaches at everyday, she's standing in front of kids at church and teaching the bible whilst leaning on a crutch, she's wobbling down the subway stairs and going about her business of relentlessly loving and serving people. The recovery period has been challenging, it's meant she's had to slow down and pace herself and she can't do everything she used to do. But she knows it's a necessary period, not something she can skip over. And afterwards, once she's completely healed, she will be able to walk (and run) without pain. 

Recovery hurts!

In Ezekiel 11:19-20 the bible talks about the heart-transplant surgery we go through when we accept God into our lives, "I (God) will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them; I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh". 

Sometimes God's restoration, his 'heart-transplant surgery' in our lives, can feel painful as areas of our lives are cut out and replaced with His heart and His Spirit. Death is painful, and when things in our lives die, we feel it. But afterwards, post-surgery, post-recovery, we find true freedom in Christ. 

Jesus says in John 8:32 "the truth will set you free". 

My husband and I have given each other permission to speak into each others lives, into areas that we are blind to, areas that are holding us back from spiritual growth, areas that are hindering the Kingdom from being expanded. The first time he spoke up (with great hesitancy, fear and trepidation haha!!), it hurt a bit, but the Holy Spirit showed me that he was right and I needed to hear it. God wanted to adjust some things in my life so I could experience more freedom in my life and I could bring His freedom to the women around me! In that moment, the truth set me free. 

Do you have people in your life - trusted, Godly, loving women - who can speak into your God-given identity? Who can encourage you in areas you are struggling in? Who can help you like only a sister can? Or are we only allowing the women around us to make us feel good in our insecurity? True love sometimes hurts but in the end we experience true freedom! God designed the church as a beautiful community of support, sharing resource, sharing faith, sharing successes, burdens and pain, you were never meant to do this alone. Their is a sisterhood of Daughters waiting to shoulder the burden with you and help you navigate that mountain (or those 5 staircases;). There are millions of women in NYC who are doing it alone and don't know this sisterhood exists, as we band together, an Army of Women, and find true freedom in Christ together, we can become a revolutionary Army of Freedom to the women of NYC. 

I love you! 2 weeks till we gather! God has so much freedom in store for us and the women of NYC!

xx Georgie 

C3 Brooklyn