Hope can often be seen as weakness. In NYC ‘hope’ means nothing and ‘hustle’ means everything. If you don’t hustle in this city you don’t have a hope of achieving your goal! Someone will knock you out of the way, push you sideways and  take the prize! When you think of ‘hope’ you might think of dreaming without planning, journaling but never setting action points, the Bible, however, describes Hope in Christ as an anchor for the soul. 

When I was a kid we shared a boat amongst our relatives and we would often go out on our ‘cruiser’ affectionately named ‘Ho Hum’. I have so many fond summer memories of cruising through the Sydney harbors with my parents, Uncle and Aunt and my 3 siblings and 3 cousins, being careful to keep my lifejacket on and hold onto the rails tightly when the waters were rough! After cruising for a distance, my dad and my uncle would eventually find a nice spot in the bay where we could rest, play, swim and eat rotisserie chicken sandwiches on the deck! The first thing my dad would do when we found our perfect spot is untie the rope attached to the big heavy metal anchor, and very carefully lower the anchor into the deep water below. I remember our clear directions to stand back while he did this as the anchor was SO heavy that if one of our little hands was to get caught in the way it would surely require a visit to the emergency department. But once the anchor was down and secure, our three-story cruiser boat with 11 people onboard would stay put for as long as we wanted it to! Suddenly the winds would calm, and everything was still, we felt confident to jump straight off the boat into the waters below, secure enough to let go of the rail.

Hebrews 6:19-20 says, “We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. It enters the inner sanctuary behind the curtain where our forerunner, Jesus, has entered on our behalf. He has become a high priest forever, in the order of Melchizedek.”

The hope we have in Christ is not weak, useless and ineffective. the bible describes it as an anchor. An anchor is strong, it keeps a large boat secure in one place against whatever weather system hits it. When this large metal structure is lowered deep onto the ocean floor, it makes a boat immoveable to the elements. When we put our hope and trust in Christ we are immoveable as this hope becomes an anchor for our soul taking us right through to eternity with Christ.  Hoping in Christ is not a vain pursuit in which we hope the winds of life and luck will swing our way. It’s not a hope based on our own proven merit or righteousness. Our Hope in Christ is firm and secure, based on His proven grace, goodness, power and sacrifice for all. It’s Immoveable. An anchor that will keep us still and secure, on the stormy days and the sunny days. When our hope is in Christ, our boat might feel rocky and unsteady at times but it is always actually firmly planted in Him. He is the one “Who keeps us in life and does not allow our feet to slip” (psalm 66:9).

As Daughters, hope in Christ is our anchor. When we stop hoping in Christ that’s when our anchor slips and we can find ourselves floating afar off away from Him, carried by the waves of this world, wherever it pleases to take us. When we are anchored in Christ we are free to enjoy this beautiful life He has given us, enjoy the people surrounding us, enjoy intimate honest relationships. I encourage you today, if you have allowed your hope in Christ to waver and wain, you can let down your anchor again today! Drop it deep deep into the waters of your soul, into the dark places, where you fear to tread, allow Him to land right their in the midst of it all and watch what He does as you choose hope in the midst of the storm. He is faithful to His daughters, He is not preferential, each of us are His kids, created and loved equally, each with a plan and a purpose attached to our lives. As we, an army of women, an army of hope-carryers, anchor ourselves in Christ, armoring ourselves with hope, truth and the Word of God, may our hope be a beacon of light that shines in this city lighting the way for many women to find life and life in abundance in Christ Jesus. 

I love you! May our hope be found deep in Christ. 

xox Georgie 

C3 Brooklyn