It wasn’t until the Lord showed me some time ago how much I do in my own strength that I realized how much He has available to me. 

Like a lot of women, I have this tendency to think things are up to me, and to do things in my own strength. I suppose it’s somewhat of a good characteristic, and in many ways has helped put me on the path I’m on today. Ministry and church planting are constant hard work—not for the faint-hearted, they require a strong “get up and go” spirit!

We all have a level of inner strength and ability, but this is not the strength we need for what Christ has called us  to. It’s nowhere near enough! His calling requires and is sustained only by a strength that He can give us. Your  own strength is enough only to enable you to do the things you’ve called yourself to!

It would be a great travesty if we didn’t know to access Christ’s strength through His empowering grace; the result would be a misconception that we cannot fulfill the calling on our lives, and the end result would be us shrinking back from our purpose on earth. The irony, of course, is that we would be right, we cannot fulfill His calling - our strength is not enough.

But His is. Christ is enough. 

In fact the Bible says in 1 Corinthians 12:9 that our weakness makes His power perfect!! What!? My weakness makes His power perfect?! That’s scandalous. 
Imagine if we never discovered that?

We are obsessed with “secrets to success” in life. We see someone create, pioneer or do something incredible and innovative; we read articles, watch documentaries and ask questions which ultimately lead to the desire to have just one question answered “What’s the secret?” Imagine if we went our whole lives as believers unaware of the secret of His empowering grace available for every season. Imagine if we were unaware that our own inability is our biggest gift? Because it would cause us to rely completely on His strength, enabling His full perfect power into our circumstance, our purpose, our lives and the lives around us?

God has immeasurable strength, energy, wisdom, ideas and strategy available to His daughters every day—if we so choose to access it. But the thing about Jesus is that unlike a lot of lads, He is a gentleman. He will never impose Himself or push Himself on us; He holds a door open for us and invites us in. 

Grace is His empowerment. 

Will we be strong in the grace? Will we be strong in the knowing that He is enough?

Our Daughter’s Conference is entitled Be Strong in the Grace because so often as women we can strive to be strong in other areas of our lives but neglect the most important area. We need to learn to be strong in receiving His grace and trusting that Jesus has fully and completely empowered us to walk through any season with great success on every level.

Jesus has an empowering grace available to us in every moment, in every situation, in every season. I believe He has given us the courage to access it.

xx Georgie

C3 Brooklyn