day 9


Becoming a lover of God’s Word is the core of a heart of prayer. In order to know Him, we must know His Word. In the Old Testament, “to know” meant to have an intimate relationship with someone. We become intimate with God by prayer and His Word. A deep love relationship develops, which causes us to love God and to love His Word. God speaks through His word and we listen and respond to Him. He speaks to the deep personal places in our lives. He engages in every detail if we allow His Word to be first in our lives. He speaks, I listen and I speak and He responds. Hence, this is prayer.

Today, we can love many things and make room for what we love the most. We stay in constant communication with the ones we love. Prayer is staying in communication with God. We live in a busy world and the voices are loud. I learned that prayer doesn’t stop when I close the Bible. We continue to chat with Him throughout the day and learn His Voice.

I read the Word every day. More importantly, the Word reads me. The Word is alive and active. James says it best, “Let us not be like people, who look into a mirror, then walk away and forget what they look like” (James 1:23). Let us be people who read the Bible and open it up for ourselves. I simply pray every time I open the Word, “Lord speak to me; Holy Spirit teach me, Amen.” By submitting to the Word of God and laying aside our ideas and opinions, we become people who say, “What does the Word say?” and we can close every door of confusion because we know the Word of God.

There was a time I was desperate and had I tried everything my way, but nothing worked. I was broken, confused until one day in my bedroom alone, I cried out, “Lord, help me!” In that cry, I truly felt Him come rushing into my heart, mind and room. Then I quickly found myself looking for older women in the church to teach me. It’s important to find someone who can teach you the truth and it is equally important to want to be taught.

Prayer becomes second nature after reading the Word. You’ll always have something to talk to God about; your conversations and the Word will change your life. Obey, believe and apply His Word and you’ll be quick to repent, quick to forgive and ask for forgiveness. Simply allow the Word of God to dwell in you. Remember, “Heaven and Earth will pass away, but my Words will never pass away.” (Matthew 24:35)

At our C3 NYC community, there are many who are willing to stand and believe with you; someone who can correct you in love and lead you to the truth in the Word of God. Personally, I have made many friends across all locations. Friends who are not afraid to walk this life out with you, friends with hearts that align with prayer and God’s word.


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