day 7


Living in New York City can be a big challenge. The hustling, high energy, climb-the-ladder culture is easy to get lost in. For me, spending time in prayer and the word has allowed me to keep my attention on Jesus, even while being surrounded by all the distractions we face in New York City.

Praying and reading my Bible everyday has impacted all areas of my life, and allowed me to grow deeper in my relationship with Jesus. Reading the word has helped me understand who He is, and has taught me to recognize Him in more ways. Praying daily creates a posture and expectation to receive what He wants for my day, instead of my day being defined by the culture of work or what I see on social media.

Practically speaking, reading my bible every morning — before checking my email or scrolling through social media — has allowed me to start my day with wisdom, reminders, and understanding of who I was created to be.

Last year, I was going through a busy and stressful season at work. During that time, it felt like prayer and reading the word was something I just didn’t have time for. Meanwhile, I would long for God to give me peace and clarity of mind. I remember being at ALLIN TEAM NIGHT around the same time and Pastor Josh was preaching on the concept of God being a place of rest and comfort. It completely shifted my perspective. I used to view the word and prayer as supplementary to whatever situation I was going through, but I quickly learned that when we put His word at the center of our lives, we are creating space for Him to move. Prayer and the Bible aren’t just boxes that should be checked. Rather, they’re an opportunity to learn of what He’s calling us into and recognize the gifts that He’s already placed inside of us.

I love that the culture of C3 NYC fosters the prioritization of prayer. Dinner Party has been such a practical way each week to refocus and create a space to welcome Jesus into whatever I’m facing. Being able to pray each week with the people of my neighborhood is so powerful, and hearing stories of how God is moving in each of their lives creates such a hunger for me to seek Him more.

Last year, I signed up for the Leadership 2 course through C3 College and it was one of the best decisions I had made for my walk with Christ. Through the six weeks of the class, I learned a ton and was impacted in many ways. Over and above all else though, I had such a revelation of what true leadership looked like.

We lead others to whatever we are being led to. That perspective has created such a strong desire for me to seek Jesus through prayer and the Bible. It has really pushed me to think about how my relationship with Him, my prayer life, and what I’m focusing on goes so far beyond just me.

— Brandon Jacoby

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