day 5


When I moved to New York, I had this plan that I would take my time when looking for a new church. I thought I’d visit a few until I found one that fit “my idea” of how a church should be. I was hurt, broken and drained by life to the point where church became just a routine for me. I allowed religion and legalism to distort my view of true kingdom culture; thankfully, God had a better plan for me during this season.

It was literally the first Sunday after moving to the city when I learned about C3 NYC. I had already gone to another church that morning but for some reason I knew I had to attend C3’s Sunday Night Service. I had no idea what to expect from a church that I found through social media. From the moment I arrived I felt the presence of God in the space. Every bit of nervousness and anxiety I had before getting there was immediately relieved. Each person that I met was so welcoming and friendly - it was something I hadn’t seen in a long time. Before the service even ended, I knew there was something special happening here and it was exactly where God wanted me to be.

What has stood out to me the most about C3 NYC is the inclusive and joyful nature of every person I meet. After my first day at service, I was quickly invited to a dinner party and later that month to team night. I never once felt out of place or unwanted whenever I attended any events. The beauty of this is that everyone was genuine in their intentions and truly wanted to help me connect to the community. For a long time I’ve had trouble growing within community due to a number of lies and insecurities in my life. My biggest struggle was being vulnerable and sharing my shortcomings with others. I always felt that I would be judged, made fun of or wouldn’t be accepted. The culture of C3 is in fact the opposite of what I feared; the people who I have opened up to have been loving, accepting and non-judgmental. I love that regardless of what’s going on in my life I can be authentic with others and know that I will be loved and accepted. The assurance of that has given me the confidence to extend that same culture to others who may be in a similar situation I once was in.

Week after week, God is continuing to bring clarity into my life through the spiritual guidance and culture of C3 NYC. I am now more secure in my identity in Christ and have learned that it’s okay to be vulnerable with others. My life has been truly impacted by everyone I’ve encountered at C3, and I pray I can carry on the kingdom culture for years to come.

— Matthew Monroy

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