day 39


Servanthood is the core of following Jesus. The King of the World stepped down from His throne to serve us. Wow!

The culture at C3 NYC is one of servanthood. When I joined the church around the first year anniversary, everyone was eager to lend a hand! This church was birthed from a heart to serve New Yorkers, not to be served. What a radical mission in this City. It was easy to see that these actions didn’t stop on Sunday, but were lived out in these people's lives.

Witnessing this at C3 NYC has impacted me greatly. As I develop friendships over the years with other members and leaders, I began to understand the significant sacrifice of time and energy it involves. We are the body of Christ. When I understand that people are setting up space for worship and teaching, essentially a seat at the table, my desires and approach shifts to one of punctuality and availability.

Our time is precious and limited. If our whole world is in God’s hand, and He is the Father of time, why not spend that time in His house? For His people? I remember one Sunday earlier this year, I was walking to church with an unusual pep in my step. An attitude of genuine gladness to give up my Sunday to be with C3 NYC fam, to set up a warehouse, and seat new faces who’d walk through our doors. My deep dependency on Jesus to fill me with this is my only answer, since not every week I feel this way. There are endless options we could choose to fill our time with. When I exchange personal time to serve on a C3 NYC team, it is imperative that I rely on Jesus for strength and joy. He generously pours out both. There is great joy in surrender, especially when you comprehend who you are surrendering to… not a person, but to God.

Serving with Crew and Host team was a stretch at the beginning. It stretched my capacity to give my time and my physical strength with a smile on my face. I asked God weekly to place courage in my heart to serve where I felt insecure. He not only filled me with it, but each week I grew in willingness to do more. Each week, walking into huddle, I was aware of greater joy and excitement to serve with my team. The desires of spending my time another way began to diminish.

I know what Christ sacrificed for me. I know what my parents have given to me. I’ve seen what our pastors have done for us to build this church. When I catch the revelation of understanding that the generations who made a way before us had faith in Jesus - how can we not respond through service?


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