day 34


What would C3 NYC look like if it were filled with multiples of you?

I remember sitting in a Bushwick service hearing Pastor Josh challenge us with this question. This one question spiraled so many more questions that I had to ask myself. One of those questions being: am I exampling what I want to see in our church? Over five years ago when I walked into a C3 NYC service for the first time, I was met with so much love and tons of smiles that were so infectious! I remember thinking, “I want to be this kind of example of love for someone else one day”. And, a couple of years later, I found myself part of movement, but not yet fulfilling that very statement. I had never taken ownership of it.

The culture of leadership, from my perspective, is ownership. Ownership leads to responsibility. When I decided to take ownership of the vision God has given our Pastors for this city, I understood the responsibility of the role we all play within the vision. I realized it’s also my responsibility to help the vision be fulfilled. It isn’t just their vision, but it belongs to all of us. A great example is to understand that we each function as a vital part of a body. Every one of us, in our function, are important. It is imperative that we are consistently operating as a team.

What is the most apparent to me about this culture of leadership is committing to exemplify the very thing I want to see in others. I don’t want to lead from a place I’ve never been. That would mean I am just telling people to become something that I have no full knowledge of. I want to be a walking, living and breathing representation of what our God looks like. It takes being accountable for your actions and the role you play in leadership daily. Our culture embodies leading in love, truth, and servitude. That is exactly what I aim for people to see in me.

Matthew 20:26 says: whoever wishes to be great among you, must be your servant.

Previously, I saw leadership as detachment. Over time, I’ve learned that it’s actually more powerful to be inclusive, as Jesus is with us. Jesus invited the disciples to walk with Him even though He knew at some point He would be betrayed. He is the greatest example of how to lead people in boundless love. Good leadership doesn’t just leave room for others, rather, it intentionally and persistently invites others in. I’ve been learning that the more time I spend with people, and the more I invite them into my world, the better I can lead. I can also undoubtedly become a greater and more tangible example of God’s love.


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