day 32


Okay, real talk: Why is it that we are bold and ambitious in our workplaces and take charge in social situations, but when it comes to opportunities of church leadership we immediately have a list of reasons why we aren’t worthy, ready, or able? There’s a popular but poignant quote, likely featured in a perfect calligraphy print or an instagram photo of a letterboard next to a potted plant and a cup of coffee, “God doesn’t call the qualified. He qualifies the called.” It so accurately describes the flipped culture of Kingdom Leadership.

God’s culture of leadership is so contrary to society’s expectations: the weak are strong, children are examples, meek inherit, the last are first, etc. Some of the most memorable leaders in scripture would have been the least likely selection by society, or even the religious standards of the time. Moses (an orphaned refugee), David (a shepherd boy), the Disciples (a ragtag crew of mostly unschooled ordinary men), Paul (a persecutor of Christians), to name a few. God called leaders who weren’t necessarily well equipped and groomed, rather fully surrendered to Him and continued to say yes.

At C3 NYC our culture of leadership is one that calls people higher, often when unexpected. Our Lead Pastors, Location Pastors, Kids and Worship Pastors, and Team Leaders speak life into people, delegate, and empower not from a place to lighten their own loads but to prayerfully release others into gifting and grace zones. In full transparency, in my experience with being called to places of leadership I have had to confront my own knee-jerk responses of “I’m not worthy,” “I don’t have enough time,” “But [this person] would be so much better than me,” and “But I thought I was supposed to do [this other thing instead].” Each and every time I’ve not only addressed these apprehensions with my Pastor/leader but with God. I’ve been challenged to turn my doubts or second-guesses into hungry questions.

To leaders: What do you see in me that I don’t yet? Have you had a similar experience (being called into leadership)? What was this transition experience like for you? How did you pray?

To God: What is it you want to place in my hands? How do I use what you’ve given me? What do you want to teach me? How can I honor you through this role? Who are you placing in my path both to follow and to lead?

Admittedly, I don’t yet have detailed answers to every single question, but the continued asking of my queries has placed me exactly where I belong- in alignment with the authority of my church leaders and ultimately with God’s purpose for me. In that space, my YES has been not only a peaceful one but confident and eager, too. I am empowered not only for the task before me but to prayerfully call my teams higher in return.


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