day 30


No one is meant to do life alone. When I realized the true meaning of this, I began to look at the people around me as blessings to my life and that I could also be a blessing to their lives. We all come from different backgrounds and cultures but we have a common need and want to have community with others. When I look at the culture of C3 NYC, I don’t see strangers who just want to give me a word of encouragement. I see a family welcoming me in, accepting me for who I am and willing to pick up my baggage, put me on their shoulders and walk Into grace together.

Jesus is the perfect example of putting others before himself. He laid down His life so that we can experience freedom. In a world where we are told to look out for our own we can become selfish looking to satisfy our own desires but when we look to God, His desires become ours and that is when our hearts shift and align with His purpose; to see others as He sees them.

I heard a pastor say “when you look to your own needs, the world misses out on the God that lives within you.” This really struck me because I’ve noticed that when I make choices and handle situations in my own strength, I’m left gripping on to the things of this world that are only temporary and take me away from community. When I let go, knowing that I can’t do it on my own, and share my struggles with my brothers and sisters, I’m reminded of the Hope that lives within me. That Hope is a testimony which brings light to the darkness, taking me out of isolation and into community. With everything being exposed, God’s love shines brighter, revealing his healing power; all we have to do is shift our focus outwards toward heaven. God has specifically placed us around others to become unified.

As an actor, it’s easy to fend for myself in the entertainment industry. But without friends helping me with auditions, my manager promoting my talents, and my teacher helping to shape my shortcomings, I might not get as far. God placed them in my life for a reason. Where I am placed right now is in the restaurant business. It is not only for my benefit, but for the benefit of my coworkers, managers, cooks, and guests. The love I receive from the community at C3, I bring into the workplace. Ultimately, it’s not about where I am in the race, it’s about who I’m looking to at the finish line and who I’m running this race with. God is actively pursuing me to finish the race, and who better to run with than the people God has placed in my life. It’s hard to feed others or be fed in isolation. Let’s love our neighbor and grow this community we call home.


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