day 3


When I began my search for a home church in New York City, I knew it was incredibly important to find a church with a community I could be involved in that would allow me to be poured into, but also empowered to do the same with others. I was church-hopping and attended C3 NYC on a friend’s recommendation. Within my first five minutes at the Williamsburg location, Erin Hampton invited me to her dinner party. I went the following Wednesday and the people there were so real and vulnerable – after that dinner party, I knew I wouldn’t need to visit any other churches because I was where the Lord wanted me to be. I also knew I was called to serve and was in a season of “yes.” I didn’t know the opportunities to serve and grow deeper in my faith would come so quickly, or just how many “yeses” I would be saying. Through two of my dinner party leaders, Matt Molnar and Matt Turnbull, I joined the host team after a few weeks at church. Soon after, Pastor Filmore encouraged me to take ownership and connect deeper with my new community. Almost a month after that first coffee with him, I was a co-leader on crew team, serving with the host team, praying, and connecting with so many great people. This is the fruit of our culture of discipleship. 

I feel like “leaders of leaders” is kind of a C3 NYC buzzword, but it says so much about us as a church. Everyone within our church is a leader, and this means leaders must intentionally build and empower others to be leaders. I see this in our culture every Sunday – from pastoral staff, to team leaders and teams members, and others who might not be on team but are willing to pray for someone or carry a crew bin if they see someone with their hands full. 

I’ve been so incredibly blessed during my time at C3 NYC, and God has given me more than I could have imagined in my prayers when I asked Him to guide me to where I was supposed to be. It started with wanting to help out on team, but it has turned into countless prayers from and for people, giving and receiving advice, sharing hearts with family at dinner party, and a little hard work here and there. To me, this is the culture of discipleship: ongoing relationships where through friendship, faith and grace, we are built while we are helping to build others – a culture of encouragement, trust and personal ownership. Because if we’re going to build His kingdom in New York, we’re going to need a church of leaders.

— Josh Williamson

C3 Brooklyn