day 27


In praying over the thought and theme of Unity, God has repeatedly shown me the word “untie.” Isn’t it uncanny (and like God) that when the letters are rearranged, they also spell “unite.”

To fully attain and not simply aspire to the unity that God is calling us to as a team and as the church, we must allow Jesus to free us of the things that have us tied and restrained and disengage the knotted parts within us to become fully loosened and unbound in Him.

Over the last few months, God has been showing me areas where I have unintentionally tightened the knots in my life by trying to untangle the mess for myself. In separate instances, God has revealed areas where I have chosen to live with knots rather than allow Jesus to attend to them. And then there are the moments when I have mistaken knots for what I believed was a secure bond holding pieces of my life together.

Regardless of what the knot represents, the more tangled my life gets, the more frustrated and defeated I become; the less I quickly turn to Jesus; and the further unity with others becomes. When we are living a life that is restrained, the impact stretches far beyond ourselves.

Our individual and collective chords in this heavenly harmony are meant to be a thread for others—free of knots, blockages and interference to Jesus. It is when we are fully loosened and unbound in Him that God can take our individual chords and use them to bring others into the melody He is continually writing. And what a beautiful sound it is when we can play our unique parts in harmony—freely, beautifully, united.


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