day 25


I grew up in church. Every Sunday there was no question where my mother & I would spend our entire Sunday morning. I completed numerous Bible verse challenges, attended kids and youth summer camp every year until I was eighteen, and I could memorize the books of the Bible forward and backwards. To me, I felt like I had the whole “Christian walk” down pat. Life was smooth. My mother taught me “how to pray” and how to put my trust in God. She lived a prayerful life and I always considered her my prayer warrior, because I knew that she would have me covered in prayer at all times.

When war began to rage around me throughout my adulthood, I would always ask my mom if she was still covering me in prayer; which she always replied, “of course!” I always felt as if God heard my mother’s prayers more than mine, because she always prayed boldly and fiercely. Until one day, my mother asked me “Would you truly know the Lord and His faithfulness if you were eye to eye with Him?” After much reflection, I knew that I needed to become risky with my faith and bold with my prayers. It doesn’t matter what we feel or what we see, the word of God is settled in heaven and it will be done. Ever since that revelation, I’ve been able to actively live out faith in my daily life by not believing in the chaos around me, but by believing the words from Philippians 1:6, “being confident in this very thing, that he who has begun a good work in me will be faithful to complete it.”

The community at C3 NYC, specifically while serving on the hospitality team, has reminded me that Jesus is the true treasure at the end of it all. Until we learn to receive Jesus as our reward, everything we gain here on earth will be empty. I am now able to boldly walk through life knowing that goodness and mercy follow me every day. I cannot sit still or stay quiet when I call to mind the faithfulness of God. When I catch a mini glimpse of Heaven, dignity in the eyes of man no longer matters. I become reverent in heart, but rowdy in spirit.


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