day 23


A little less than four years ago, I was at one of my darkest points in life. I had slowly drifted away from God and felt that He had let me down. My faith was weak. I did not want anything to do with Him. I placed my trust in myself. I tried living life my way and what did that get me? An unhealthy relationship. An unfulfilling job. I was hopeless and lost in my failures.

When I came to C3 NYC, I was struck by the faith that was evident in the way people prayed with boldness and confidence. I realized that I had been praying without confidence that God would come through for me. Not because I did not think God could do it, but because I thought my failures somehow disqualified me. “Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God.” Romans 10:17. I look back and see the shift in my faith result from a message by Pastor Josh where he shared that we should approach God from a place of victory and not a place of defeat. Since Jesus set me free from my failures, my failures and shortcomings no longer have a hold on me. My worth is not equivalent to my success or failure. My identity is not found in anything I have done but in what Jesus has done for me. I no longer have to approach life decisions with fear but with power sourced from a confidence in knowing God will see me through. This truth released a burden off my shoulders that I had been accustomed to carrying for far too long.

My faith has continued to grow and develop as a result of the community I have found through my Dinner Party. I am surrounded by people who value their relationship with God and speak life into me. I am encouraged that I am not alone in this journey of faith when at every Dinner Party, friends share what’s going on in their lives. I see how God honors us when we step out and take risks as a response to the work He is doing in our hearts. I am reminded of the moments that He has gotten me through difficult times in my life. Those reminders strengthen my faith. I am fully convinced that God has blessed me and given me favor at my job. He has provided healthy relationships that propel me to go deeper in my faith. In living a life of faith, you never reach a place where you feel like you’ve arrived; there’s always an opportunity to go deeper. You may not know how God will get you through, but you can be confident that He will get you through it because He already has in the past.


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