day 22


I am always so fascinated with the very start of the story of God creating the world. He simply said, “let there be light” and there it was, illuminating the deep. Light existed by way of the very sure and faith-filled words He spoke. This tells me one important thing. The words that flowed out of the mouth of our creator bared power, impact and intention to create. These words were spoken to create before they were ever used to communicate.

It’s interesting isn’t it? How often do we choose to partake in the latter? How often do we use our words to communicate our doubts rather than using our faith-filled words to create the environment we desire to see?

I say that because, I communicated my doubts about a situation the other day and was immediately reminded by my sister to choose to speak words of faith again and again.

Faith usually starts in a place not seen by anyone. However, you can almost always see the fruit of our faith in our words and actions. I love that the atmosphere conspired to match the faith-filled words of God for there to be light.

I am a 34-year-old single woman and the world we live in communicates to me to conclude that statement on a low note, but I will always choose a high note because, I feel beyond blessed at this point in my life. Don’t mistake what I am saying. I desire to be married and to have children one day but there is a reason why none of us were born married and with children. Crazy, right? Unless you’re a twin or a triplet, you were not born with BAE. There is something specific and so special that God has designed for each of us to do right here and now with what He has given us.

It can be easy to let what I don’t see dictate the way I walk with God and even the way I serve people. Honestly, some days are harder than others. However, we can have faith knowing that we serve a God who crouches down beside us and awaits with hands on the ground, where we’ve fallen weak, and whispers to us “one more step.” Faith is taking one more step in the face of doubt. This is why exalting God is so important in my walk with God. I feel weightless and unburdened every time I shift my focus off of myself and onto Him. Our exaltation of God lifts us out of the mire of our own stuff and it catapults us into the fullness of who He is.

I am reminded of the faith our Pastors Josh and Georgie had when they left Australia to come to NYC on the word of God to start a church. Here we are thriving and still pointing people to Jesus, almost 6 years later. Faith is established in the awareness of the character of a big and loving God. It is unflinching trust in who He is. Today, we can be grateful that darkness did not stop our creator from saying, “Let there be light.” May the light of Jesus continue illuminating our path.


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