day 40


Servanthood is such an interesting topic, and I think one that we continually have to look to Jesus to understand. If you call someone a “servant” outside the context of Christianity, they might not take it as a compliment… I love how Jesus always flips the script and makes something the world deems “less than” the actual pinnacle of “greatness” by Heaven’s standards. If you know Jesus, you know He was the ultimate servant - He was literally God, but took on human flesh just because He loves each of us so much. He served each of us to the point of death so we could be with Him forever in Heaven and experience true unconditional love. He doesn’t ask us to do anything He didn’t already example!

To practically develop and grow in servanthood, I have to ask myself: How would Jesus act right now? What would He say? What would He do? And why would He do it?

Jesus brought peace and justice into every situation - so I serve others by fighting for peace, when it might be easier to pretend a problem doesn’t exist. Jesus always brought truth and love at the same time - so I serve others with my words by speaking the truth in love and never holding back encouragement, as if it’s some scarce resource with not enough to go around for each of us. Jesus always met people where they were - so I serve others by acting like Him and not asking for people to change before I love them. Jesus always stayed focused on the “one,” so I serve others by being His light in this world, and carrying His presence wherever I go, so more of His co-heirs can come home. And Jesus served because He knew who He was - not because He needed to be filled up by the approval of others. I think this is an area where we can all get caught up, if I’m being honest, we often think our worth is tied to our service, so we serve to be noticed, complimented and affirmed. But this isn’t how or why Jesus served - He knew who He was, and we can serve from that same place of security.

God doesn’t love us because of what we do - He loves us because of who He is. There’s enough grace for all of our failures as we learn to be more and more like Jesus. The goal isn’t to be perfect servants, but the goal is to be with Jesus, and we’re never more like Him than when we’re serving someone else.


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