day 17


To simply put it, the definition of discipleship is to be more like Jesus. I grew up in the church, but I didn’t cultivate a personal, strong and healthy relationship with Christ until my senior year of high school. That’s when I decided to allow Him to take ownership over my life and love Him with all of my heart, soul and mind. After I committed myself to that, He began placing older, Christian men in my life to guide and show me what living that out looked like. Those mentorships not only helped mold my Christian walk, but I got my first taste of true discipleship.

Years later, when I was planning my move to the city, I knew that I wanted to continue that train of discipleship. I yearned to find a Paul to my Timothy. I’ve experienced a number of tempestuous storms in my life and when I’ve attempted to take control and subside them myself, it only caused more turmoil within my soul. I was elated to move to The Big Apple, but I also knew that new levels would bring new devils and it wasn’t wise for me to face them alone. I needed a team by my side.

Being a part of C3 NYC has provided me with just that. I’ve encountered numerous individuals who have assisted me in navigating what leadership looks like within the church and my personal life. Some of them I have the privilege of calling close friends.

Pastor Filmore is a quintessential example of that. He does an amazing job at bringing people together, has a genuine interest in the growth/progress of others and is shamelessly his authentic self on and off the stage. By submitting to his leadership, I’ve learned more about how to care for the church, others and myself. He’s constantly challenging me to think about the ‘whys’ behind what I do: why I’m a leader, why I serve others and even why I have certain fears.

Roshard Bryant is another leader in my life whom I have deep love and reverence for. He’s somewhat of a big brother to me. He’s tall in stature, yet gentle at heart. In addition, he has a spirit of vitality and his resilience in the face of adversity never ceases to amaze me. The time we spend together fills me with tremendous joy because he does a great job loving me, guiding me in building up new leaders and teaching me how to take care of my current ones.

Because of them, my faith has grown abundantly, and I’ve matured in my leadership positions on team and within my Dinner Party. I’ve been equipped with the Holy Spirit and, in all circumstances, am more than a conqueror because of the love of Christ. The leadership that He has brought into my life has propelled me to live out The Great Commission for the people of New York City.


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