day 15


Possibly the best part of leading a team of musicians is watching them take ownership and become leaders themselves.

When I joined worship team in December 2016, there were 3 locations, and maybe 3 bass players. I had just lost my brother in October, and playing and being around these people was the probably the only thing holding me together. The team was a bunch of unashamed worshippers. We all had our own stuff we were going through, but we laid it at His feet, and just tried our best to play to a metronome. Over the next year, I played bass. A lot. I grew some of my closest friendships. As I played more, I was given more responsibility to be a music director for worship teams, and to lead bass players across all locations.

Fast forward to today - as C3 NYC has grown so has the number of gifted musicians! While there are moments of stretch still like my first year at c3, the team has both grown to be both larger and more talented - often, more talented than me! We now focus on more challenging things musically. There are SO many people that are so faithful to team and have the "will do" attitude I tried to have early on. Often, they are leading or teaching me as a musician now.

I could have held onto those early days where I had so much responsibility, but watching other musicians be given more opportunities has been a fruit of my first two years on team. I play less often than I previously did. I love watching my team get those opportunities to stretch, learn, and lead for themselves. With that newfound time, I've had opportunity to focus on discipleship on the team. I get to focus on people, the same way people focused on me when I started on team.


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