day 13


When I first got to C3 NYC I knew I wanted to serve on team but I wasn't quite sure which team to join. One day I was sitting in a service with my wife and a young man sat next to me. I smiled at him and began talking to him about God and church. After service, we exchanged contact information and i followed up with him a few days later. What he said to me next was when I knew i was right where I belonged and meant to serve in the capacity I now serve. This young man told me I had a welcoming spirit and made him feel at home. At that moment, I knew God was working through me and I wanted to continue loving and welcoming others into the C3 NYC family.

Being part of Welcome team and serving here at C3 NYC has helped me discover gifts that I did not know I had. This is what God does to us: He transforms us into the best version of ourselves and in building His kingdom, I’ve learned that I have a gift to transparently connect with others. I’ve found this applies to all areas of my life, including my career as a nurse. God has allowed me to learn, develop and grow this gift to serve and connect when I interact with my patients. It is as simple as making time for others and putting them first.

As part of Welcome team, I get to connect with people who come to C3 NYC for the first time. It’s something I don’t take lightly because who knows if the interactions I have with them are the only form of God’s love they have ever encountered. I have learned that I get to be a walking representation of God’s love and grace to them. I’ve also learned that humility is important in being able to love others well, but I’ve found that by making God the center of my life, I will naturally begin to make other people’s needs a priority before my own needs.

When I serve, I do it to glorify God’s kingdom. Our responsibility is to show the seed of God’s love even if we aren’t present to see the fruit. In moments of connecting with others, I’ve seen how God used me as imperfect as I am because He sees the value in me. The amount of love we are capable of showing others is beyond what we may even realize, and that’s because of the unfathomable love was first shown to us through His sacrifice and gift of salvation.


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